Reach Out

Have a question about Dulla Centre? Reach out to us!

For questions about events, rentals, event/space marketing, and community happenings, contact Echo Taylor, Community Manager inworld at EchoTaylor Resident.

For questions about land sales, rental customizations, and Dulla Centre’s expansion, contact Soull Starlight, creator inworld at Soull Starlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I throw an event at Dulla Centre?

To reserve event space, please contact EchoTaylor Resident inworld. Residents are offered complimentary space rentals on a first-come, first-served basis.

What sort of things can I do at Dulla Centre?

It depends on how you feel in the moment! There’s over 20 unique experiences from shops to attractions to engage in and enjoy, including mini golf, a theater, a yoga studio, meditation walk and garden, and more!

Where can I live in Dulla Centre?

There are townhomes and loft spaces available in the residential area of our community, and are open to the public to rent. As you explore the city, a green ‘available’ sign on a mailbox indicates that a space is available- you can also check the Live Here page for current available rentals.

Who lives in Dulla Centre?

Creatives, queers, artists, introverts, lovers of community, and extroverted hippies are some of the personalities you may encounter at Dulla Centre! An inclusive, queer-friendly community, all are welcomed, accepted, and appreciated.