What started as an idea…

Learn more about the Dulla Centre Community and the collection of creatives that share space to bring joy to all.

Humble Beginnings

Dulla Centre began as an idea, to create a community hub for creatives to have a safe space to live, work, and play together. It started as a 1024 sq m. space on Gardulla, once a bus depot and coffee shop by Soull Starlight. With the help and contributions of mainland community members, Dulla Centre has expanded to over 20,000 sq m. of attractions, natural spaces, community hangouts, and more.

The Energy Behind Dulla Centre

Dulla Centre is not only a community for creatives, but also a space where all are engaged in the creative process. The community is built by and for its residents and will continue to grow as our collective creativity soars.

Soull Starlight is the creator and main builder of Dulla Centre, with contributions by Emm Evergarden of The Nature Collective and Mainland Community Alliance, Stable Mum (Ayame) of Moorcroft, and Echo Taylor, Dulla Centre’s Community Manager.